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Alternative Livestock

American bison stands on rangeland

USDA. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.

Outlines USDA requirements and restrictions for ratites such as emu, ostrich, and rhea.

Wildlife Disease Information

USDA. APHIS.Center for Epidemiology and Animal Health.

Categorizes animal disease trends and issues as they relate to game animal production. Includes information on chronic wasting disease and bovine tuberculosis.

USDA. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.

Summarizes steps to apply for a PPQ 526 plant pest permit needed to import and move snails and other mollusks that feed upon plants.

USDA. APHIS. Plant Protection and Quarantine.

"These guidelines are a reference to help, build, maintain, and operate a facility for specific types of organisms-- in particular, nonindigenous snails...). "While snails may not require a containment facility, their great reproductive potential and ability to escape coupled with their plant feeding activities means that great care should go into developing plans to house and contain them."