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A critical review of approaches to assessing the infectivity of hepatitis E virus (HEV)


<p>"There is a body of published information on methods/approaches to measure the infectivity of HEV and other foodborne viruses. The aim of this study is to critically review the available information with the purpose of identifying the most promising approaches/methods to evaluate the survival characteristics of HEV in foods and assess the effects of elimination procedures against it. This in turn will inform the FSA’s considerations on future research to reduce the risk to the public of infection caused by this foodborne virus, in accordance with the FSA’s Strategic Plan for 2015-2020. The critical review will be structured around 5 objectives: To review the current approaches for measuring infectivity of HEV. This will take the form of a search of current literature, with subsequent compilation of relevant information. To participate at the FSA / EFSA Foodborne Viruses Research Workshop, and present initial information from the critical review for further discussion among assembled stakeholders. To identify current knowledge and technology gaps in regard to determining infectivity of HEV in raw, cooked and processed pork products and other potential foods which may harbour the virus. To recommend a potential approach to producing a method for determining infectivity of foodborne HEV. To provide a comprehensive report to the Food Standards Agency on methods/approaches used for detection of infectious HEV, with recommendations on development of a feasible infectivity measurement method for foodborne HEV."</p>

FERA - Food and Environment Research Agency
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