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Development of Analytical Methods for Determination of Amoxicillin and Lincomycin in Fish Tissues


Specifically, the goal is:<ol>
<li> to develop analytical methods which can be applied to determine amoxicillin in catfish muscle tissue and salmon muscle and skin tissues at 10 parts per billion (ppb); and, </li>
<li> to determine lincomycin in salmon muscle and skin tissues at 100 ppb as suggested by the FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM).</li></ol>

More information

<li> To develop highly sensitive analytical methods utilizing reversed-phase HPLCor gas chromatography (GC) for determining trace levels of amoxicillin and lincomycin residues in fish tissues. </li>
<li> Separate procedures/solvent systems for the extraction, cleanup, and HPLC analysis of each antibiotic are expected to be necessary because of the structural differences between amoxicillin and lincomycin. However, analytical residues in both the catfish and salmon tissue substrates will be developed if feasible.</li></ol></p>
FY 2000 Accomplishments: <br>
Manuscript submitted on LC analysis with MS confirmation of Amoxicillin in Catfish.</p>
FY 2001 Plans:<br> The remaining phase of this project and E0693611 have been transferred to P00423. The final phase of this study is the inter-laboratory collaboration for validation of the method. The collaboration will be sponsored by the Center for Veterinary Medicine(CVM). It is anticipated that the inter-laboratory studies will produce one manuscript.</p>

Ang, Catharina
DHHS/FDA - National Center for Toxicological Research
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