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Development of Technology for Automated On-Line Inspection of Animal Carcasses and Plant Produce


<ol> <li>To develop automated industrial prototype systems for poultry carcass inspection and implement them online at slaughter plants,
<li>Conduct basic research and develop algorithms to detect and identify individual diseases/lesions and defects of poultry carcasses and viscera, and
<li>Develop a real-time vision system that can be incorporated into HACCP plan for detection of external/internal damage and fecal and soil contamination on fresh fruits and vegetables (with primary emphasis on apples).</ol>

More information

<ol><li> Upgrade the pilot-scale poultry inspection system and conduct trials of the inspection system at a commercial poultry processing plant.
<li> Create CRADA with a commercial equipment company to build a commercial inspection system.
<li> Test the commercial poultry inspection system for a prolonged period of time at a commercial poultry processing plant.
<li> Develop spectral and image databases and detection algorithms for individual chicken diseases and defects and for contaminated and damaged and soiled apples.
<li> Apply hyperspectral-imaging technology to determine optimal wavelengths for detection of diseases, defects, and contamination on apples and poultry carcasses.
<li> Design and assemble in-house multispectral and laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) imaging systems for real-time detection of diseases, defects, and contamination on apples and poultry carcasses.
<li> Install pilot-scale-line for apple sorting and test the systems developed by ISL for real-time detection of damage, fecal and soil contamination.</ol>

Lefcourt, Alan; Kim, Moon; Lindsay, James
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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