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Extended Release Delivery of Organic Sprout Inhibitors to Control Potato Sprouting Postharvest in the Supply Chain


Potatoes are the 3rd most consumed crop in the world and the 4th most produced crop in the United States, with a sales volume of $3B. Owing to a limited harvest window, a yearly supply of potatoes requires successful long-term storage. Growth of sprouts is a key driver of loss during storage and sprout growth worsens as storage periods lengthen. Losses from sprouting are especially problematic in organic potatoes where common synthetic sprout inhibitors are not permitted for use and current organic treatmentspresent many challenges. This project will commercialize an anti-sprouting packaging insert capable of inhibiting sprouting growth and extending potato shelf-life. The proprietary delivery system offers continuous release of sprout-suppressing actives from organic essential oils to curb sprouting from the farm to consumer table. Work under this project seeks continual product improvement, cost reduction, and a focus on third-party validation of efficacy.At the conclusion of Phase II, Hazel Technologies, Inc. will have a fully commercial product; an in-box sachet capable of extending the shelf-life of most potato cultivars. Under this award we will, enhance product economics, conduct extensive sensory analysis of treated produce, and validate the technology at commercial scale.

Preslar, Adam
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