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Foreign bodies in food and feed raw materials – hazards and controls


Foreign bodies in food and drink can pose quality and/or safety issues. They may derive from the natural environment or be introduced from associated operations in both primary production and post harvest handling, including primary process operations, storage and transport. Their cause is as a result of natural processes and/or introduction associated with people, equipment, and production operations. Management of foreign bodies in food and feed raw materials must therefore focus on an understanding of the hazards, including the cause or source, the risks and potential control measures. This will involve a hazard analysis approach and examinations of the options for control, which can be either preventative in the production operation or a reduction in the raw materials. Foreign body contamination is of particular concern in raw materials for fresh prepared produce and cereal products. There is a need for a clear understanding of the hazards and risks, and options for control, which this project will supply.

Jessup, Nick
Campden BRI
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