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To establish a general framework for cooperation and coordination between the United States Department of Agriculture, Agriculture Research Service (ARS), and the Beet Sugar Development Foundation (BSDF). This Non-Funded Cooperative Agreement (NFCA) defines in general terms the basis for which the Parties will cooperate. Individual projects may be developed between the Parties, which outline specific research projects. The Parties have a long history of collaborative research on the sugar beet, which formally began in the 1940's under a Memorandum of Understanding. This collaboration has been, and continues to be, a vital, synergistic relationship wherein ARS scientists are able to expand their sugar beet research capacity through their relationship with BSDF, its Members and their Associates. The BSDF, its Members and their Associates are engaged in collaborative opportunities with ARS sugar beet scientists. The Parties share an interest in the accomplishment of sound research and development in sugar beet, including as key components, research in genetic resource management, genomic characterization and genetic improvement, biological disease control, and host plant resistance to disease; as well as the dedication to the advancement of sugar beet production and beet sugar processing through science based research and leading educational programs. The Parties also share an interest in the development and distribution of disease-resistant, enhanced germplasm with high agronomic performance; as well as traditional and innovative approaches for crop improvement, to more effectively meet the changing needs of seed companies and the growers they serve, leading to increased efficiency of production while preserving the environment and promoting sustainability. This will be a joint effort between ARS, who is conducting research on the production of sucrose and other products from sugar beet and the BSDF, who is dedicated to the advancement of sugarbeet production and beet sugar processing through science based research and leading educational programs.

Harmel R D; Pfenninger P
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