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Growing the Culture, Collaboration, and Capacity of Farmer to Farmer Food Safety Trainings


La Semilla's goal with this Collaborative Education and Training Project is to expand the effectiveness of the Tiered food safety curriculum and approach to reach the non-traditional, niche, and hard-to-reach audiences that La Semilla and its partner community-based organizations serve. Objective 1: Expand La Semilla's network of Farmer Food Safety Ambassadors through a series of Train-the-Trainer workshops, increasing the number and capacity of trained service providers to 8 in partnership with 5 project collaboratorsObjective 2: Support ongoing refinement to the Tiered training curriculum to ensure that it is culturally-appropriate to the target audiences, support the continued professional development of the Food Safety Farm Ambassador network and Project Leads, and strengthen their mastery of FSMA compliance through USDA Harmonized GAP internal auditor trainingObjective 3: Provide 30 Tier I and II trainings to 150 producers (parallel offerings in English and Spanish), designed to support a positive culture around food safety, identify common food safety hazards and risks, and conduct a customized risk assessment for their individual farmsObjective 4: Provide 30 Tier III technical assistance consultations to 10 producers (parallel offerings in English and Spanish; average of three consultations per farm), designed to support the operationalization of farmers' completed Tier II risk assessments into a customized food safety plan for their farms, benchmarked to the USDA Harmonized GAP standard and aligned with FSMAObjective 5: Mobilize the Food Safety Farm Ambassador network to provide food safety training, technical assistance, and risk assessment desk review services to the New Mexico Public Education Department's "New Mexico Grown Approved Supplier Program"Objective 6: Communicate project plans, evaluation findings, and outcomes with the National Food Safety Training, Education, Extension, Outreach, and Technical Assistance Western Regional Center

Dominguez, Cristina
La Semilla Food Center
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