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ISAFRUIT - Increasing Fruit Consumption through a Trans Disciplinary Approach Leading to High Quality Produce from Environmentally Safe, Sustainable Methods


ISAFRUIT is an integrated project aiming at improved health of the European community by increasing fruit consumption. Increased consumption shall be achieved through consumer satisfaction: ISAFRUIT aims to better fulfil the consumer preferences and expectations with regard to the quality, safety, convenience and availability of fruit and fruit products at the point of sale. <P>

Consumer linked sciences are therefore the starting point of ISAFRUIT, giving input to the other RTD activities. In addition, ISAFRUIT wants to increase the consumers' awareness of the health effects of fruit while also researching human health effects of fruit consumption. <P>
The fruit species used as models are apple and peaches/nectarines. Activities on quality and health effects as well as on convenience of processed fruit shall stimulate consumer interest in a wide range of healthy products.<P>
The proposed research on sustainable production methods including organic and integrated production will not only increase the safety of fruit, but also have positive effects on the European environment. Control of fruit quality throughout the supply chain from the point of sale to the farm is covered by various work packages. Genetics and implementation of new varieties is included considering long-term perspectives for the environment as well as to cope with characteristic preferences of consumers that currently hardly eat fruit. <P>
The ISAFRUIT Integrated project is built on 7 pillars: <OL> <LI> Consumer driven and responsive supply chain<LI> Fruit and Human Health<LI> Improved appeal and nutritional value of processed fruit<LI> Quality, safety and sustainability - Improved preharvest chain management<LI> Quality, safety and sustainability - Improved post harvest chain<LI> Genetics of fruit quality and implementation of better fruit cultivars<LI> Knowledge management. </ol> ISAFRUIT consists of a Management Committee, a Project and Pillar Coordinators, an SME-Committee, a Scientific Group and the General Assembly.

More information

<P>For more information about this project, please visit the <a


target="_blank">European Commission Food Quality and Safety in Europe</a> or the <a

href="; target="_blank">ISAFRUIT</a> Webpage.

Callesen, Ole
University of Aarhus
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