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The Role of IgG in Allergy and Tolerance to Common Food Allergens


<p>In order to establish the role of IgG in the development of allergic sensitisation and reactions to foods, a range of well-characterised individuals will be studied. These individuals will fall into one of the following clearly defined groups:</p>

<li>Peanut and egg allergic patients</li>
<li>Sensitised (IgE) asymptomatic subjects</li>
<li>Non-sensitised controls</li>
<li>Individuals with resolved allergy</li>

More information

<p>Background: In the past, most studies on the pathogenesis of food allergy have focused on the role of specific IgE and the immediate hypersensitivity reaction, but there is little data on the role of specific IgG.</p>

<p>Peanuts and egg are two of the commonest foods to cause allergy. Allergies to these foods normally first appear in young children and can cause a range of reactions varying from trivial to severe, and may even sometimes result in death. An allergy to egg normally resolves as a child grows up, but allergy to peanut tends to persist. </p>

Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge and the Institute of Food Research (IFR)
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