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Systematic Review on Metabolic Interactions and Synergistic Effects of Chemical Mixtures for Human Risk Assessment


<p>This procurement aims to collect data from the scientific literature on 'in vitro' and 'in vivo' metabolic interactions and 'in vivo' synergistic toxicological effects of chemical mixtures in humans and test species used in human health risk assessment (rat, mouse, dog and rabbit).</p>

<p>The data collection should be performed for at least 100 chemicals of relevance to EFSA (contaminants, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, feed and food additives and food contact materials) using the systematic review (SR) methodology as recommended by EFSA to support evidence-based risk assessment (EFSA, 2010) or, as part of the SR methodology, perform extensive literature searches if more appropriate. The data collected should be compiled into a database, the design of which should be based on the OECD harmonised templates used as the international standard for reporting toxicological data. The data should be submitted to EFSA in XML format using the EFSA's data collection framework (DCF) to ensure that the dataset is compliant with EFSA's IT standards and to enable future sharing of the data with stakeholders. Technical assistance with regards to IT aspects to optimise the data transfer will be provided by EFSA, in particular assistance in the transformation to XML will be provided. During the transfer process, the dataset will be validated for data type, presence of mandatory fields and compliance with controlled terminologies. EFSA expects to receive a dataset which passes all validation phases.</p>

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