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Rural Fire Department Resources for Local Officials

Rural fire- and volunteer-fire departments have unique needs that stem from lack of funding to support operations such as resource planning, equipment acquisition and upkeep, retention of qualified personnel, and access to technology. The resources below are provided as an assistive tool specialized for this branch of the rural first responder. It includes information on free training programs, statistical data, and publications on fire-related topics.

Training Resources

Staff training is an important part of all fire department programs. There are many sources of information and training available to rural fire departments, including libraries, networks, courses, and more. Below are links to get started in or enhance a training program.

Financial Assistance

Information Resources

Funding and Program Assistance

US federal government agencies and private organizations offer funding resources and program assistance to local officials.

There are different forms of funding programs available to rural fire departments including grants, loans, donations, and reimbursements. 

Guides to Federal Programs
Private Funding Programs

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