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Tribal Communities

The Library's Partnership with Tribal Colleges

In 1998, the National Agricultural Library (NAL) began a unique relationship with tribal colleges. Each year, NAL shares a list of recently published books on agriculture and Native American culture with tribal college libraries. The libraries review the list, make selections, and NAL mails the books to the institutions. NAL sends up to 2,000 books to tribal college libraries every year.

NAL also provides free borrowing and interlibrary loan  services for tribal land-grant colleges.

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Selected Resources

External links relevant for tribal communities, organized by subject.
Federal Government
  • 1994 Tribal Land-Grant Colleges and Universities Program []

    The USDA 1994 Tribal Land-Grant Colleges and Universities Program ensures that tribally controlled colleges and universities, the 1994 land-grant institutions, and the Native American communities served by these schools equitably participate in the USDA workforce as employees and have access to USDA programs, services, and resources. 
  • Office of Tribal Relations []
    The Office of Tribal Relations (OTR) leads government-to-government relations between USDA and Federally recognized tribal governments; facilitates tribal, tribal government, tribal organization and individual access to programs and services within USDA and throughout Federal agencies; and directs USDA implementation of Executive Order 13175 [].
Lists and Directories

USDA Resource Guide for American Indians & Alaska Natives 2022 [] 

United States Department of Agriculture. Office of Tribal Relations. July 2022.

USDA Native Youth Resource Guide 2022 []

United States Department of Agriculture. Office of Tribal Relations. June 2022.

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