Water Quality

Water sample from last wetland in filtering system in use on farm.

Environmental Protection Agency.

Offers four ways to find geographic locations of watersheds. For each watershed, furnishes watershed profiles which include watershed health assessments, restoration efforts and monitoring data.

DOI. United States Geological Survey.

Provides links to publications, data, techniques, and USGS laboratories and programs supporting research in the quality of surface water and groundwater.

DOI. United States Geological Survey.

The NAWQA program "develops long-term consistent and comparable information on streams, ground water, and aquatic ecosystems to support sound management and policy decisions."

EPA. Envirofacts Data Warehouse.

Contains information about public water systems and their violations of EPA's drinking water regulations, as reported to EPA by the states. This query will help you to find your drinking water supplier and view its violations and enforcement history since 1993.

UNEP. Global Environment Monitoring System.

"The United Nations Global Environment Monitoring System (GEMS)
Water Programme is dedicated to providing environmental water quality
data and information of the highest integrity, accessibility and
interoperability. These data are used in water assessments and capacity
building initiatives around the world."

DOI. United States Geological Survey. Toxic Substances Hydrology Program.

Delivers research data and reports "characterizing the processes that affect dispersal of chemicals in the atmosphere, ground water, and surface water; identifying persistent degradation products; and developing methods to measure these compounds in water samples at environmentally relevant concentrations."

EPA. Office of Water.

"Defining the goals for a waterbody by designating its uses, setting criteria to protect those uses, and establishing provisions to protect waterbodies from pollutants."