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Organizations: Alternatives

AXLR8 is a coordination action funded under the European 7th Framework Programme for Health. Its purpose is to monitor EU FP6/FP7-funded 3Rs research activities and related international initiatives with the aim of accelerating the transition to a toxicity pathway-based paradigm for chemical safety assessment.

Canadian Council on Animal Care.

This site provides useful information on the three Rs (replacement, reduction, and refinement alternatives) to those involved with the use of animals in science.

Scientific and technical animal welfare organization working to improve the welfare of animals kept as pets, in zoos, laboratories, and on farms and of wild animals with which we interact. UFAW funds research, holds symposia, and produces publications on animal welfare.

National Academy of Sciences. Institute for Laboratory Animal Research.

Develops and makes available scientific and technical information on laboratory animals and other biological research resources through reports, books and a journal.