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General Nutrition and Health Information

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Specific tips in a supermarket guide to help you make wiser decisions aisle by aisle.

NIH, National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health

 11 chapter free video presentation by Patricia Hibberd MD, PhD provides the following insights:

  • Understand the history of probiotics and why there is a conflict between study of probiotics as foods, dietary supplements and drugs in the US
  • Understand the range of available probiotics and the challenges in ensuring their safety
  • Understand how the study of the microbiome and ‘omics may help us understand the mechanisms by which probiotics may exert their effects
  • Understand how probiotics may influence the immune response to vaccines administered to the mucosa such as the Live attenuated influenza vaccine

DHHS, Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

The Prevention Policy Matters Blog helps translate public health policy into practice, offering innovative ways to make national guidelines work in communities across the nation. Discover insights and practical tips from experts across all of ODPHP’s divisions, as well as compelling stories from other professionals.

The Dietary Guidelines Alliance. International Food Information Council Foundation.

Provides information to inspire you to take charge of planning your diet and getting the right amount of physical activity. Focuses on being realistic, active, balanced, adventurous and sensible in achieving your goals.

New York State Department of Health. Center for Community Health.

Provides guidelines and suggestions for health food and physical activity choices for meetings. Also includes information and suggestions for vendors.

British Nutrition Foundation.

Provides information on topics such as general nutrition, food commodities, and food labeling.

Healthwise of Columbia University.

Provides answers to frequently asked questions about nutrition and physical activity.