DHHS. FDA. Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition.

Identifies the organism Scombrotoxin and lists the nature of acute disease it is known to cause, the diagnosis of human illness, associated foods, relative frequency of the disease, course of disease and complications, target populations, food analysis and selected outbreaks, its molecular structural data and other resources available about the contaminant.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Answers food safety questions about Scombroid Poisoning such as what is Scombroid Poisoning, what symptoms are related to the disease, how to prevent Scombroid Poisoning from happening to you and information on consumer protection.

Scombrotoxin in Seafood  ( PDF | 143.49 KB )

New Zealand Institute for Crop & Food Research Limited.

Presents information on Scombrotoxin and identifies the histamine poisoning disease associated with the toxin. Covers information on incidences in New Zealand, associated foods, conditions for histamine production, histamine in fish, detection and control procedures and food safety regulations.

Seafood Network Information Center.

Provides an overview on food safety issues related to seafood. Identifies several viral and bacterial contaminants, toxins and parasites. The primary idea for this publication is to be focused on information related to Scombrotoxin.

Scombroid (Histamine) Poisoning  ( pdf | 27.95 KB )

New Zealand Food Safety Authority.

Guidelines developed to identify processing of seafood in effort to adhere to food safety and reduce outbreaks of Scombroid Poisoning. Identification of the organism and illness, biogenic amine production and control, presence of the Scombrotoxin in fish and other sources, and outbreaks and incidences are discussed.