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Natural Toxins in Food

Several species of naturally-occurring toxins are produced by molds and fungi that grow on food.

On this page, find links to articles, research projects, USDA presentations, and external resources containing information about natural toxins. 

Books and Materials on Aflatoxins in the NAL Catalog

National Agricultural Library's (NAL) searchable database for journal citations available to persons interested in information on Aflatoxins.

Research Projects: Natural Toxins

The Food Safety Research Projects Database (RPD) contains information about research projects related to the study of natural toxins.

Research Publications (Food Safety): Natural Toxins

Research publications on natural toxins from peer-reviewed journals.

Meet the Experts

USDA-ARS Scientists Present Overviews of their Research

Innovative materials for use in Mycotoxin detection (Introductory Video)

Investigator: Chris Maragos, Ph.D

Date: 2019 

View full-length video of Dr. Chris Maragos discussing innovative materials for use in Mycotoxin detection []

Resources by Type of Natural Toxins

Fact sheets and lists from federal and state governments, and cooperative extension programs.

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