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1890 Facilities Grant Program at Fort Valley State University


This project has two main objectives: <OL> <LI> Construct a building complex on campus that will have areas designed for childcare research and education with emphasis on childhood obesity reduction; nutrition and child-parent interactions; food technology (research and development), and food preservation research, education and outreach <LI> Design and construct a mobile classroom (based on a motorhome chassis) that will be equipped with a galley kitchen for food safety and nutrition education demonstrations; hands-on health education demonstrations; and audio-visual and video conferencing gear

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NON-TECHNICAL SUMMARY: This project will provide for the construction of a new building complex on-campus to support teaching, research and extension programs mainly in the areas of food safety and food processing, nutrition and health education, and child dietary concerns and childcare. In addition to on-campus facilities, a mobile classroom will be developed to expand food safety, nutrition and health education outreach programs into more targeted communities.<P>APPROACH: For the mobile classroom, existing vehicles will be visited to study best practices for space utilization and function accommodations for different vehicle designs. Working with a custom vehicle conversion specialist, a stock motorhome shell will be selected and custom modified/completed according to specifications. Communication and assessment instrumentation and other equipment will then be installed. For the new on-campus building complex, existing state-of-the-art facilities on other campuses and at other institutions will be visited to determine how well existing designs will accommodate targeted functions now and in the future. This will be done in cooperation with Fort Valley State University's Office of Plant Operations who will prepare floor plan sketches and descriptive functions of all spaces. The final design will be done by licensed architects. The design and contracting approval and construction contract will be managed by the Office of Plant Operation who will follow policies and procedures required by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia. Because the Board of Regents requires that all funds to be actually awarded prior to initiating construction, construction will begin in 2012.

Harris, Thomas; Bentley, John; Kannan, Govind; Latimore Jr., Mark
Fort Valley State University
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