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2024 Nanoscale Science and Engineering for Agriculture and Food Systems Gordon Research Conference and Gordon Research Seminar


Our long-term goal is to continue the excellent trajectory set forth by the previous editions by further establishing a GRC series that provides a relevant and stimulating forum for the nanotechnology in agriculture and food community.?Maintaining foundational goals of the Nano Ag & Food GRC conference series, which are:To bring together experts and stakeholders to discuss nanotechnology advances, directions, and needs in food and agriculture;To identify cutting-edge research and emerging opportunities to address global challenges of food security, environmental sustainability, food safety, and agricultural productivity;Embolden the knowledge that "nano in food & agriculture" represents a single unifying concept, rather than two distinct subfields.Furthermore, the supporting objectives of this 2024 Nano Ag & Food GRC are to:Continue the successful growth of participation in the GRC & GRS;Design a cohesive and comprehensive program to enhance the impact of nanoscience & nanotechnology on food & agricultural systems;Increase international visibility and connectivity.

Gomes, Carmen
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