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Biotechnology And Bioinformatics Program: The Institute For Food Safety


<p>This project is developing a dual purpose food safety laboratory which combines biotechnology student training facilities with compliance free-for-service testing. A new biotechnology Associates of Science degree and certificate programs with emphasis in Food Safety Testing educates both prospective and incumbent workers. Recruiting materials and activities are prepared to target three student populations: high school, adult learners who want to change careers, and incumbent workers. High school students are being targeted with two week Summer Academies. To ensure that pre- and in-service high school teachers are up to date with existing and changing techniques and knowledge in this industry, they are invited to attend semi-annual workshops and are mentored by community college faculty. The laboratory facilities are also being used by community college faculty who are supervising students on independent research projects.</p>

Pegg, Randall K; Birmingham, Kathryn
Florida Community College at Jacksonville
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