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Community Based Technical Assistance and Training Reaching New Audiences to Help Small Processors Reach FSMA Compliance


Objectives:To provide FSMA food safety hands-on experiences to 200 producers/processors, as community efforts, targeting small low resource farmers and minorities, thus new audiences, by Aug. 2020.To develop and provide water and soil testing services, as a priority identified need, for producers/processors by reaching 10 farmers with this service by Aug. 2020.To empower strong partnerships/networks with inspectors, farmers, food hubs, NGO's and regulatory program personnel (Missouri Dept. of Agriculture) to increase the awareness and understanding of FSMA compliance by developing a network and having 3 meetings in each of 2019 and 2020.To provide food safety classes to 15 Lincoln University (HBUC) agriculture students to improve compliance in their future farming activities by Aug. 2020.To develop and provide a Missouri based website, linking all the agencies, NGO's and opportunities, including materials based on the needs assessment of the target audience and publicize widely, by 2020, reaching over 250 of the target audience.To certify a HACCP trainer to increase trainers available by Sept. 2020.

Dweik, Majed
Lincoln University
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