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State Flexible Funding Model - Infrastructure Development and Maintenance for Connecticut?s Manufactured Food Regulatory Programs FOA: RFA-FD-18-001 CFDA: 93.367Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection Project SummaryProject SummaryThe Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection has developed this proposal to advance efforts inConnecticut so as to be in concert with the nationally integrated food safety system (IFSS). This will beaccomplished by pursuing continued maintenance support for five years of Manufactured FoodRegulatory Program Standards (MFRPS) in Connecticut, applying for the development and continuedfunding for five years of a Food Protection Task Force (FPTF) in Connecticut and for a five year specialproject related to education/outreach on food labeling.The Project Goals for the CT MFRPS Program are to achieve and maintain conformance with the mostrecent version of the Standards, contribute to the continuous improvement of the MFRPS throughattendance at an annual face-to-face meeting, active participation in committees, other initiatives, anddevelop strategies and resources for achieving and maintaining conformance with the Standards thatcan be shared and duplicated on a national basis, and provide FDA the foundation for pursuingregulatory action based upon the findings of State manufactured food regulatory programs. Connecticutwill also provide FDA the foundation to improve quality of contracts, coordination of inspections,investigations and enforcement to effectively and efficiently protect public health.The Food Protection Task Force and Special Project on Packaging and Labeling will also support the IFSSand FSMA.

Greene, Frank E
Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection
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