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The Costs of HACCP Regulation and Use of Food Safety Technologies


he two main components of this project are collecting nationally representative data on the costs of HACCP regulation and food safety technologies (through a cooperative agreement with Washington State University) and the analyses of those data. Data on the costs of HACCP regulation will be used to estimate the marginal costs of various components of HACCP and, with the food safety technology data, to asses the linkage of HACCP costs to food safety technologies. The food safety technology data will be used to: (1) examine technology effectiveness, e.g. by linking the data to Salmonella and HACCP performance data; and (2) create a baseline technology level which could be used to develop an index of food safety. The index may then be linked to food safety performance data to study how changes in technology lead to changes in food safety performance.

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NON-TECHNICAL SUMMARY: This project include the first nationally representative post-HACCP survey of how meat and poultry slaughter and processing plants have adapted and responded to new national regulations. The data on costs and food safety investments may eventually be linked to plant data on pathogen levels and other indicators of food safety performance. <P> APPROACH: The project is collecting statistically reliable national data on the costs of HACCP regulation and the economic and technological characteristics of the 1,751 cattle, hog, chicken, and turkey slaughter and processing plants in the U.S. The analysis will require sophisticated econometric techniques used to estimate cost functions.

Ollinger, Michael; Roberts, Tanya
USDA - Economic Research Service
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