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District of Columbia Food Handler Certification Program Model


Assess and document current certification activities in the local area. Examine methods of preparing food handlers for national certification. Pilot a course to prepare low-literacy food handlers for the national certification examination. Demonstrate a model approach to training for food sanitation certification in the District of Columbia. Disseminate findings and recommendations for low-literacy, hard-to-reach food handlers nationwide.

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A survey will assess area practices to prepare food handlers/managers for the national certification examination. Develop mini-course modules for investigation of four training formats: traditional classroom lecture/text, individualized CD-ROM, virtual distance learning, and self study in groups. Test of basic litercy skills. Pre-test and post-test sample examination questions. Mini-course modules and engage in the focus group process. Pilot course will be developed for entry-level food handlers. Best practice model will be implementesd and distributed to Extension programs nationwide.

Monroe-Lord, Lillie
University of the District of Columbia
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