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Food Safety Program for Food Industry, Inspectors, and Consumers


We propose to assist the food industry with the implementation of working HACCP-based food safety systems. Emphasis will be placed on HACCP development and implementation based on original research as well as existing materials.

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We will work directly with inspectors to hold training workshops on HACCP and food safety. In addition, training on pathogens in the news, control of food-borne illness, basic food microbiology, etc. will be offered. Seafood processors will be trained in HACCP in the program developed by the Seafood Alliance. Also, we will examine how processing affects the levels of pathogens in shellfish. Workshops will be offered to ANR agents on food safety at the farm level, with hands-on microbiological testing and the use of antibiotic residue testing kits.

Hackney, Cameron
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
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