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Project SummaryThe Louisiana Department of Health (LDH), Office of Public Health (OPH), Sanitarian Servicespromotes food safety and minimizes food-borne illness through education, enforcement ofregulations, investigation of complaints, issuance of permits and routine inspection of foodfacilities. The LDH/OPH Sanitarian Services is committed to food safety and the Seafood andFood & Drug Programs of the Specialty Operations Division have been enrolled with theManufactured Food Regulatory Program Standards (MFRPS) elective to the federal food safetycontract since July 2012.Based on the Strategic Plan and the MFRPS Assessment Checklist from the Food and DrugAdministration (FDA) Standards and Implementation Division, program needs for the applicationfunding include the following items:? Develop written procedures to evaluate the legal authority and regulatory provisions to inspect and investigate food plants, gather evidence, collect and analyze samples, and take enforcement actions.? Develop a system to utilize risk based inspections.? Develop written policies and procedures that outline LDH?s enforcement/compliancestrategies.? Assess program funding, staffing and equipment resources.? Develop a written document control procedure that ensures the information contained in the appendices and supporting documents for program elements are current and fit-for-use.The development and implementation of the MFRPS standards will assist both Louisiana andthe FDA to better direct their regulatory activities toward preventing and reducing foodborneillness and hazards in food manufacturing facilities.

Gremillion, Justin
Louisiana State Office of Public Health
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