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VERMONT DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH - FOOD AND LODGING PROGRAMMaintaining Conformance with the Manufactured Food Regulatory Program StandardsVermont is a small New England state with a population of approximately 620,000 people. TheVermont food landscape is diverse, with many producers and processors of local products fromfarm to table. The Vermont Department of Health (VDH) is the state?s lead agency for publichealth policy and advocacy. State regulatory jurisdiction over food producers is shared betweenthe Vermont Department of Health (VDH) and the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food andMarkets (VAAFM). In 2008, VDH enrolled in the Manufactured Food Regulatory ProgramStandards (MFRPS). Since 2012, MFRPS cooperative agreement funding has been vital forachieving implementation and conformance with the standards, and has improved the qualityand resources of the overall food safety program. The program maintains a comprehensiveStrategic Plan that includes continued work necessary to maintain conformance with thestandards. VDH is proposing cooperative agreement funding for implementing remaining 2016MFRPS elements and maintaining conformance with the standards. This includes proposedfunding to support one Public Health Inspector position to complete inspection work andimprove the inspector-to-establishment ratio needed for adequate food safety evaluation andcompliance follow-up (Standards 3, 6, and 8). Additionally, funding for a newly hired Compliance& Enforcement Advisor to advance conformance with Standards 4, and 6. Training funds willcontinue to allow inspection staff to participate in FDA training courses, including regulatortraining for Preventive Control rule implementation. VDH is also proposing funding toreinvigorate the Vermont Food Safety Task Force in collaboration with academic, regulatory,and industry partners.1

Wirsing, Elisabeth
Vermont State Agency of Human Services (AHS)
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