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Management and Characterization of Agriculturally and Biotechnologically Important Microbial Genetic Resources and Associated Information


<p>The major goals of this project are to maintain and enhance the quality, diversity, and utility of the ARS Culture Collection holdings, including strains held in the ARS Patent Culture Collection, and to conduct and support microbiological research that advances agricultural production, food safety, public health, and economic development. Objective 1 provides for the curation and management of the ARS Culture Collection, including the acquisition and distribution of microbial strains and associated information. This objective provides scientists worldwide with access to high quality microbial germplasm through culture deposit and distribution services that facilitate research, publication, and technology transfer. Objective 2 is designed to improve understanding and utilization of microbial diversity through genetic and phenotypic characterization of strains in the ARS Culture Collection, and through the development of improved tools for microbial identification and characterization. Successful completion of goals under Objective 1 will provide scientists working on Objective 2 with access to microbial cultures, associated metadata, and tools to transfer research findings to the scientific community. Research conducted under Objective 2 will provide novel germplasm, microbiological expertise, and strain characterization data that enhances the value of the ARS Culture Collection and improves its curation. Objective 1: Efficiently and effectively acquire, distribute, back-up, and maintain the safety, genetic integrity, health, and viability of priority microbial genetic resources and associated information in the ARS Culture Collection. Objective 2: Enhance the value of priority microbial genetic resources in the ARS Culture Collection by conducting comparative phenotypic, phylogenetic and genomic analyses. Record and disseminate characterization data via the ARS Culture Collection database and other data sources.</p>

O&#039;Donnell, Kerry; Peterson, Stephen; Ward, Todd
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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