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Optimization of SalmoFreshâ„¢ application at small and medium poultry and meat producers


Salmonella contamination of poultry and meat products is a major food safety challenge and significant public health risk. SalmoFresh™ is a bacteriophage product that provides an excellent Salmonella reduction. However, variable efficacies were observed in different facilities using different application methods. The overarching goal of the project is to optimize bacteriophage delivery and application to achieve superior control of Salmonella and/or reduced cost of SalmoFresh application in poultry and meat products. The Project has two specific aims:-Specific Aim #1. Optimizing phage delivery physio-kinetics and developing a custom application system to ensure optimal phage application to various types of poultry and red meat food products.For Specific Aim#1, we will investigate the delivery of SalmoFresh in droplet size of (i) 10-40 mm and (ii) 40-100 mm using a custom designed spraying equipment. Effect of these two droplet size on SalmoFresh efficacy in reducing Salmonella will be investigated using small-scale food processing systems/paddle blender.Specific Aim #2. Validating / further optimizing the newly developed application system in various small to medium sized commercial poultry processing operations.Once we have the parameters of spray systems optimized in SA#1, the spray system will be installed in three different small to medium poultry processing plants and performance will be evaluated over a period of 3-6 months in routine operations. Additional fine-tuning of the spray system will be conducted on-site and as deemed necessary for specific processor and product type.Given the several years-long history of SalmoFresh use in various poultry and meat processing plants, we fully expect the invention to be successful. Assuming successful outcome, each spray system unit will be provided to the participating facilities free of charge. Additionally, spray system design and data generated during this program will be used to provide recommendation and subsequent implementation of this strategy at other poultry and meat processing facilities to achieve better Salmonella control.

Sulakvelidze, Alexander
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