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Pathogenesis, Detection, and Control of Salmonella Enteritidis and Other Salmonellae in Chickens


<UL> <LI>Determine how Salmonella enteritidis (SE) spreads within and between poultry flocks and is deposited in eggs. <LI>Determine how phenotypic and genetic diversity influences invasion of host organs and egg contamination by SE. <LI>Identify environmental factors that influence the emergence of virulent forms of SE. <LI>Develop sensitive and specific diagnostic tests for SE in chickens and eggs. <LI>Develop effective SE vaccines. <LI>Develop methods to reduce surface and airborne dispersal of SE by dust reduction.

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Chickens will be infected with SE by oral inoculation or exposure to environmental sources. Environmental factors and management practices that influence persistence and vertical or horizontal transmission of SE will be determined. Rapid and sensitive bacteriological and serological methods for detecting SE infection or contamination will be applied. Vaccine preparations will be tested for their efficacy. The pathogenic effects of SE phage types and strains will be compared. Chromosomal heterogeneity in virulence factor regulatory regions will be studied as it relates to egg contamination. The identity of protein and carbohydrate receptors that determine phage type will be established. Stages of the SE life cycle will be defined by coupling continuous cell culturing to analysis of cell surface protein and carbohydrate variability. Dust and bacterial counts will be measured in poultry production areas and techniques including ionization for reducing airborne dust and disease transmission will be evaluated. Athens, GA-SEPRL-main lab & bldg 3.11/4/99.


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Mitchell, Bailey; Swayne, David; Gast, Richard
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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