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Subunit Vaccines Directed Against Salmonella Enteritidis in Poultry


1. To produce and purify two newly identified antigens (components exposed on the surface of Salmonella Enteritidis) <P>
2. To formulate subunit vaccines containing those antigens (see objective 1.) together with two antigens previously investigated by our group.<P>
3. To immunize eggs (in-ovo vaccine delivery) and chicks (subcutaneous at day of hatch) with the aim to demonstrate immunogenicity and efficacy of both vaccination regimes. <P>
4. Proof of principle trial: experimental challenge of vaccinated eggs/birds using a seeder model of infection which simulates natural infection.

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Expected Benefits: <br/>

The development, production and application of the proposed vaccines will be beneficial for the complete poultry industry and will contribute to increased food safety and improved public health in Canada. Additionally, these vaccines may be critically important to the Canadian poultry industry as the Canadian Food Inspection Agency moves towards implementing standards in processing plants that are consistent with requirements in the USA.

K&amp;ouml;ster , Wolfgang
University of Saskatchewan, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization
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