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Vibration-Insensitive And Large-Range Mems Scanning Fourier Transform Spectroscopy For Portable Chemical/Biosensors


<p>The objective of this research is to develop miniature infrared (IR) spectrometers for portable or handheld chemical/biosensors. The approach is to use novel micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) techniques to miniaturize the mirror scanning mechanism and the IR detector. A unique interferometer design is also proposed to compensate mirror tilting. Fourier transform spectroscopy, especially in infrared range, or FTIR, is very powerful in chemical/biosensing. However, most of FTIR systems are bulky and expensive. MEMS technology has been used to miniaturize FTIR systems, but researchers still face several challenges: low spectral resolution due to small displacements of the MEMS mirrors; tilting of scanning MEMS mirrors; and lack of small-sized uncooled IR detectors for FTIR. This research will address these challenges with several innovative techniques: a new MEMS mirror whose scan range will reach over 1 mm that is 10e improvement compared to its counterparts; a single-mirror Michelson interferometer design capable of tilt-insensitive scanning; and a capacitive MEMS uncooled IR detector that is small, inexpensive and highly-sensitive. The proposed integrated technology has a broad range of applications including homeland security, antiterrorism, food safety, and environmental monitoring. Due to their small size and low cost, such devices can be used onsite by first responders such as soldiers or border guards, so that explosives, chemical weapons, toxic hazards and biological agents can be identified quickly to prevent or minimize damage and save lives. Through this project, efforts will be made to attract more young students especially minority students into engineering and science areas.</P>

Xie, Huikai; Ren, Fan
University of Florida
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