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This page highlights information on funding for various types of projects affecting water. More information on funding programs from specific Federal agencies is available on the menu to the left.

U. S. Environmental Protection Agency

"The Water Finance Clearinghouse is an easily navigable web‐based portal to help communities locate information and resources that will assist them in making informed decisions for their drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure needs. The Water Finance Clearinghouse includes two searchable databases: one contains available funding sources for water infrastructure and the second contains resources, such as reports, weblinks, webinars etc. on financing mechanisms and approaches that can help communities access capital to meet their water infrastructure needs."

EPA. Office of Wetlands, Oceans, and Watersheds.

"Wetland Program Development Grants (WPDGs) provide eligible applicants an opportunity to conduct projects that promote the coordination and acceleration of research, investigations, experiments, training, demonstrations, surveys and studies relating to the causes, effects, extent, prevention, reduction and elimination of water pollution."

DOC. NOAA. Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management.

This office "partners with federal agencies and state and local governments to provide federal funding and technical assistance to better manage our nation's coastal resources."

U. S. Environmental Protection Agency.

"A large part of EPA's mission to protect the environment and public health is accomplished by awarding grants and other assistance agreements. It is EPA's policy to promote competition in the award of assistance agreements to the maximum extent practicable. If you are interested in applying for a competitive assistance agreement, solicitations may be viewed under Find Current Funding Opportunities and by searching"

EPA. Office of Wastewater Management.

"The Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) program is a federal-state partnership that provides communities a permanent, independent source of low-cost financing for a wide range of water quality infrastructure projects."

Environmental Protection Agency.

"EJ Small Grants will be awarded to support activities designed to empower and educate affected communities to understand environmental and public health issues and to identify ways to address these issues at the local level."

Environmental Protection Agency.

"The Water Finance Center provides financing information to help local decision makers make informed decisions for drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure to protect human health and the environment."

School of Architecture, Preservation and Planning. University of Maryland.

"The Environmental Finance Center (EFC) at the University of Maryland is one of ten University-based centers across the country providing communities with the tools and information necessary to manage change for a healthy environment and an enhanced quality of life. EFC believes that environmental finance can be used to develop a shared community vision. Our focus is protecting natural resources and watersheds by strengthening the capacity of local decision-makers to analyze environmental problems, develop innovative and effective methods of financing environmental efforts and educate communities about the role of finance and economic development in the protection of the environment."

U. S. Environmental Protection Agency.

"Every year, EPA awards over $4 billion in funding for grants and other assistance agreements. From small non-profit organizations to large state governments, EPA works to help many visionary organizations achieve their environmental goals. With countless success stories over the years, EPA grants remain a chief tool in the advancement of human health and the environment."