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Beneficial and Adverse Effects of Natural, Bioactive Dietary Chemicals on Human Health and Food Safety


<ol> <LI> Consumption of food-borne bioactive compounds can protect against human diseases such as cancer, inflammation, birth defects, and microbial infection. We will determine the mechanisms by which selected compounds exert their protective action. <LI>Food-borne toxins and carcinogens are present per se or are induced by processing, preparation, and other post-harvest steps. We will identify mechanisms of action and develop biomarkers of natural and induced toxicants in food for human risk assessment and disease prevention. <LI>Selected classes of bioactive compounds show potential for beneficial or adverse effects on human health. We will discover bioactive compounds that have beneficial or adverse effects on human health.<LI>Modifying foods is an increasingly important strategy to improve nutrition and safety. Therefore, we will improve food safety by developing approaches to increase beneficial or decrease adverse effects of bioactive food constituents and microbial contaminants.

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NON-TECHNICAL SUMMARY: Plants contain a number of compounds that could be used as therapeutics. This project will search for biaoctive compounds in plants.

<P>APPROACH: Our research will facilitate the identification and characterization of bioactive plant-derived compounds. We are targeting the following bioactivities antimicrobial, herbicidal and anticancer (tentative) activities. Furthermore, our research project will dissect the activity and effect of these plant-derived compounds at the biochemical and molecular levels.

Vivanco, Jorge
Colorado State University
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