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Deregulation of Transgenic Papaya in Japan


<OL> <LI> Characterize and determine the sequence of the gentamycin gene fragment and its host border nucleic acids in the transgenic SunUp papaya. <LI> Obtain information on compositional analysis of SunUp, origin of vector elements, and levels of GUS and NPTII proteins. <LI> Assemble information and prepare final package and submit to Food Safety Committee of MHLW via the Papaya Industry Association. <LI> Follow up on any additional information that MHLW may request.

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APPROACH: The gentamycin gene fragment and its host border sequences will be characterized by developing a BAC and/or Cosmid library from DNA of SunUp. The library clones will be hybridized with probes made from the gentamycin gene. Positive clones will be analyzed to obtain the sequence of the gentamycin gene fragment and host border sequences. Transgenic papaya will be analyzed to obtain compositional analysis of the SunUp papaya, and level of GUS and NPTII proteins using standard laboratory methodology. Once this information is obtained, the final revised deregulation package will be prepared, evaluated by Japanese counter parts, and submitted to the Food Safety Committee of MHLW. Any subsequent information required by MHLW will be obtained by the grantees. Documents reimbursable with FAS. Log 33028.

Gonsalves, Dennis
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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