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Factors that influence the introduction, fate and mitigation of foodborne pathogens on mangoes throughout the production chain


Understanding the persistence and mitigation of foodborne pathogens on the surface of mangoes is essential to the establishment of Best Management Practices for the responsible handling, packing, distributing, and importing of mangoes, and is a fundamental management prerequisite to providing customers with safe mangoes. There is inadequate science-based data to establish management standards and criteria for mangoes to meet pending requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act. The purpose of this research project is to evaluate the persistence of foodborne pathogens on the surfaces of whole and fresh-cut mangoes, assess potential mitigation strategies for control of pathogens on mango surfaces, and appraise the ability of Salmonella to infiltrate mangoes under standard packinghouse conditions and then to determine the fate of the internalized cells. The data resulting from the proposed research will specifically address data gaps the National Mango Board currently faces, and will provide research-based metrics to validate mitigation strategies.

Danyluk, Michelle; Wright, Anita
University of Florida
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