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Working Towards Conformance with the Voluntary National Retail Food Regulatory Program Standards in the State of Idaho.


Project AbstractThe Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (DHW) Food Protection Program and Idaho?sseven local public health districts (districts) have been enrolled in the retail program standards(Standards) for nearly twenty years. The Standards serve as the foundation for the IDHW FoodProtection Program and are used as a tool for continues program improvement. This fundingopportunity will allow DHW to retain the current Health Program Specialist who has beenworking towards conformance with the Standards since 2017. Additionally, this fundingopportunity will provide an opportunity for DHW and the districts to build a stronger relationshipresulting in a consistent food inspection program and food safety across the state.The first priority is to complete a data collection and risk-factor study. To achieve this goal, allseven districts will submit data to DHW for analysis and dissemination. Intervention strategieswill be prioritized based on the results and in consultation with the districts to reduce theincidence of priority risk-factor violations.The second priority will be standardization of one lead Environmental Health Specialist (EHS)from each district. Following a train-the-trainer model, the lead will continue standardizationactivities with local staff until all staff are standardized at the local level. This will continue theeffort to bring inspection uniformity throughout the state.The third priority will be hosting a 2-day workshop covering Hazard Analysis & Critical ControlPoint and Special Processes. This workshop will provide expertise to food safety inspectionofficers dealing with these complex matters in Idaho.The fourth priority is to expand community outreach. DHW will develop a short educationalvideo covering requirements pertaining to temporary food establishments to decrease theamount of risk-factor violations that are observed by local EHS staff and by reconvening thefood safety coalition.This funding opportunity will also make it possible for the Food Protection Program manager toattend the self-assessment and verification course offered by the Food and Drug Administrationand the National Environmental Health Association, which will help with the completion of theself-assessment in 2021.

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